The number 13 is probably one number that is surrounded by so many norms epitomized in the 13th chapter of Chinua Achebe?s ?Things Fall Apart? when the fortunes and achievements of the main character, ?Okonkwo, were torn into shreds by a strange mishap.

Okonkwo was wealthy and a respected warrior from the lower Nigerian tribe of Umuofia. Though he was a son of a poor untitled man and grew up striving to become the very opposite of his father and his achievements within the land were unparalleled.

Strange as it might seem, the Conventions Peoples Party (CPP) and the character Okonkwo have some things in common. Both of them have enjoyed unparalleled periods of dominance and power. For this reason writers like Ali Marzrui, for instance in his piece ?Nkrumaism And The Triple Heritage In The Shadow of Globalization?? in a tone of disappointment with the turn of event in Ghana, where the rest of Africa looked to Nkrumah for a sense of direction.

That aside, corruption and opulence consumption under the?NDC and NPP is yet to talk home about, the CPP was only waiting to be sent into exile.

Similar to Okonkwo?s return from exile, the CPP is struggling to assert itself within a totally different political landscape. The CPP, in response to the seemingly loud request for power and not a third force in Ghanaian politics has deployed a number of techniques to make itself attractive.

One of their recent moves was to unveil a shadow cabinet system which comprised prominent members within the party with designated portfolios in finance, health, education, interior and agriculture.

The truth is the; CPP have so much to manoeuvre and one of the alternative presented by Sekou Nkrumah who urged the party to merge with the ruling National Democratic Congress ( NDC) in order not to face extinction.

A CPP spokesperson described the suggestion as ?distasteful? and a neo-colonial marriage.

As an observer, and a member I found it pleasing that the CPP decided to give their king-making role by not siding with any political party.

By Thomas Kofi Abroni Amasaman- Accra.?


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