Akwasi Opong-Fosu, Minister In-charge of Development Authorities, said this here Tuesday while addressing a Savannah Accelerated Development Authority (SADA) conference on health.

It was under the theme “Tackling Health Infrastructure and Human Resource Gaps in the SADA Zone Through Planning and Action”.

The SADA zone is located in the three northern as well as the Brong-Ahafo and Volta regions (provinces) of Ghana where Illiteracy is highest and a majority of the youth has taken to the use of tobacco.

The zone is also noted for its low rate of commerce and businesses activities and high unemployment.
The minister observed that, given the growing trend of world events, the country could not continue on this trajectory for long.

“This situation is dangerous in many respects; it holds back the country’s pace of progress and presents a clear and present security risk, especially in the face of radical indoctrination,” Opong-Fosu said.
He called for the immediate provision of health infrastructure and the needed human resources to accelerate development in the area.

Charles Abugre, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for the SADA, said data on the health sector in the SADA zone was quite bad although there had been excellent results where the Ghana Health Service (GHS) had provided adequate support to the authority.

Abugre listed some of the major challenges confronting the health sector in the savannah enclave as few health personnel, inadequate infrastructure, accommodation as well as poor road networks.

He said however that a number of interventions was being put in place by the authority to address gaps in health delivery in the area.

The Ghana Living Standards Survey Six (GLSS6) report shows a reduction in the national poverty incidence from 31.9 percent in 2005/6 to 24.2 percent in 2012/13 and that of extreme poverty from 16.5 percent in 2005/6 to 8.4 percent for 2012/13.

However, there exist wide disparities among the various administrative regions of the country with the three northern regions, which comprise mainly the savannah areas, still registering high rates of poverty. Enditem.

Source: Xinhua


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