A UN official on Tuesday lauded Kenya for putting in place policies and legal instruments that safeguard the country against the effects of adverse climate change.

Jukka Uosukainen, the director of the UN Climate Technology Center and Network (CTCN), said the country has worked hard in putting legal instruments as well as developing a national climate change fund.

“We are impressed that Kenya has factored in its Technology Need Assessments (TNA) within the central government policy,” he told a climate change forum in Nairobi.

Uosukainen told East African countries to seek guidance from Kenya, saying that the CTCN admires the country’s leading role in embracing science, technology and innovation of climate change.

“Kenya is ahead of many developing countries in accelerating the development and transfer of low emission and climate resilient technologies,” he noted.

He said Kenya is fortunate to host the World Bank-funded Climate Innovation Center (KCIC), a center that supports the acceleration of the development, deployment and transfer of locally relevant climate and clean energy technologies.

KCIC provides incubation, capacity building services and financing to Kenyan entrepreneurs and new ventures that are developing innovative solutions in energy, water and agribusiness to address climate change challenges.

Anne Omambia, Climate Change Coordinator at the Kenya’s National Environment and Management Authority (NEMA), said that through the enactment of national policies and acts on climate change the country, the government has zero-rated the prices of solar panels since 2012.

“This action has increased uptake of solar use in residential and commercial buildings with solar light-emitting diodes (LEDs) that has increasing home heating,” Omambia said.

Omambia said the country has also availed solar grain dryers for farmers in grain production regions to keep cereals free from aflatoxins, embarked on harvesting of surface water runoff and promoting the growing of drought-tolerant sorghum.

She further named other projects as waste management and promotion of drip irrigation as other projects that the government is promoting as climate change mitigation measures. Enditem


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