Congo DR Nat Assembly

“As we have always stated, we encourage all Congolese people to engage in inclusive dialogue because the solution to DR Congo’s problems will not come from the UN, but from the Congolese people themselves,” Sidikou said after holding talks in Kinshasa with DR Congo’s President Joseph Kabila.

DR Congo
DR Congo
Eight days after assuming his new position, the MONUSCO boss particularly discussed with Kabila about the forthcoming elections and the contribution of the UN mission.

Sidikou said that during the meeting with Kabila, he reiterated MONUSCO’s objective was to support DR Congo achieve stability.

He said he was convinced by Kabila’s willingness to cooperate.

“I think President Kabila is acting in good faith. We shall wait for the next few days to see how things progress so that we can offer our support, but our support will be based on the needs of the Congolese people,” he added. Enditem

Source: Xinhua


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