CEO Nilla Selormey
CEO Nilla Selormey

Universal Merchant Bank (UMB), one of Ghana?s leading indigenous and customer oriented banks, is offering the National Lottery Authority (NLA) Fast Cash Fast Pay service in all of its branches nationwide.

CEO Nilla Selormey
CEO Nilla Selormey

It is one of many new services and products that UMB is introducing this year, in partnership with the NLA.

The Fast Cash Fast Pay service allows lotto vendors to add credit to their point of sale terminals at any of the 23 and growing UMB branches in Ghana. Lotto winners could also redeem their winning tickets through the service.

Managing Director/ Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of UMB, Nilla Selormey said: ?We are very excited to be offering the Fast Cash Fast Pay service as it allows UMB to extend our range of services to benefit more customers.?

She noted that ?partnering with the National Lottery Authority is a real honor and we look forward to forming other strategic partnerships with leading indigenous organisations.?

UMB is a full-service financial institution specialising in customised banking products and services.

Opened on March 15, 1972, UMB is a leading Ghanaian indigenous bank with considerable financial expertise.

UMB is recognised for its entrepreneurial approach, innovative use of technology, and distinctive banking solutions.

UMB currently has 23 branches and the number would grow before the end of 2014 as well as vast ATM network that continue to expand with the addition of new ATMs.


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