It is now clearly seen that Umana, by declaring to contest despite being given a leaway out of the mess he has found himself, is jumping the gun and daring the Governor to do his worst. His declaration came after he was told to withdraw from the race and respect zoning in 2 meetings by stakeholders including the Governor in London and Ukana in the past 2 weeks. He is grudgingly accepting the NDDC MD position and is threatening to spill the beans if Governor Akpabio does not support him. He is so angry that he refused to attend traditional marriage of Prince Akpabio’s sister?on Thursday. But that same night he met with his strike force, Renaissance in his house. He vowed to contest whether Akpabio supports him or not??and gave them 3 million naira. One of the boys who is so angry with Akpabio for dumping their boss said Umana said they should not worry because he will make more money and connections with Presidency at NDDC and will empower them to work for his ambition. The boy said they will never support who Akpabio supports in Eket Senatorial District.
imageAs a well grounded Uyo son, I am told of how Umana had met with the some newspaper distributors and gave them N500,000 some months ago. He begged them not to sell papers that criticize him because people buy these papers and take them to political and security meetings in Abuja. He promised to accomodate them in his government in 2015. Some distributors cooperated with him for sometime when they used to alert and handover to Boniface Nyong and Umana’s strike force, the Renaissance boys copies of papers that criticize him. They stopped cooperating when they complained that Boniface Nyong who arranged the meeting with Umana shortchanged them in the Easter package sent them by Umana. Nyong had to be mopping up such critical papers on the streets. Later he started using the Renaissance boys to forcefully seize the papers.
A very reliable source has told me that Umana had gone to Abuja last week for security screening for the??NDDC top job and that is why his supporters who were previously shouting hoarse on top of their voices are now singing a new tune.

When Henry, Iboro and Etim Etim were crying wolf that the news of Umana?s departure for the NDDC was a hoax, now they have made a u turn to say Umana should go to NDDC and get more experience.
Now my predictions have seen the light of the day!
?I have been reliable told that Umana has now told Akpabio that he will resign from NDDC and come back to contest as governor. To him, Akpabio will see hell unless he supports his (Umana?s)ambition.
The forthcoming war between Umana and Akpabio will be akin to the war between Iraq and Kuwait.
The unfortunate thing is that thousands of innocent souls will be lost, while an Eket Sen District candidate who will emerge to defend Akpabio from the antics of Umana will be elected to fly the ticket of the party.
At the end of it all, Umana will be chased away and God will prevail with His good intentions for the people!


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