ALL SMILES: Graduands during last Friday’s graduation ceremony at ULK. The Sunday Times / Timothy Kisambira.

The Computer Science students have graduated four years after the Faculty of Science and Technology was introduced at the university.

A total of 2,139 students graduated, 1,274 of them females, representing 59.6 per cent.

All the students who graduated were awarded with bachelors degrees.

Up to 288 obtained Bachelors of Economics; 794 in Management; 240 in Law and 436 in Sociology.

Some 231 graduated with Bachelors degrees in Administrative Sciences; 99 in Computer Science while 51 graduated with Bachelors of Population Studies.

Speaking to The Sunday Times, Dismas Nahayo, one of the graduands said, he was excited after finishing the course which was full of technological challenges.

Nahayo graduated with a first class degree in the Bachelors of Computer Science.

“I am very pleased to have obtained a fist class degree but I attribute all this to the mercy of God. He answered my prayers. As a “computer geek”, I am going to face new challenges,” he said.

Dr. Ezechiel Sekibibi, the Rector of ULK, urged students to be guided by the principles of honesty and integrity in order to fight against corruption.

“We have equipped you with entrepreneurial skills. We have taught you to be creative, if jobs are not coming your way, create one for yourselves or join hands and form a cooperative society,” he told the graduands.

Lise Mugisha, who graduated with a Bachelors degree in Management said. “This is the only way to be a role model to young sisters and brothers who are still studying. We encourage them to sharpen their skills through serious preparation of their courses by doing enough research.”

Prof. Rwigamba Balinda, the founder of ULK, asked the graduates to be productive once they get jobs in order to contribute to the economic development of the country.

He said: “Develop positive ideas and always pray to God whenever you are in a difficult situation.”

Dr. Matthias Harebamungu, the State Minister in Charge of Primary and Secondary Education, called on the graduates to use the skills and knowledge acquired to help build a stable and prosperous nation.

“I encourage you to be job creators so that you provide employment opportunities to Rwandans who are unemployed,” he advised.

By Frank Kanyesigye, The New Times


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