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By Bruno Mbanaso

Gov. Peter Obi and his aides have rallied round to mop up all copies of Nigerian National Daily Newspaper –Thisday of today November 05, 2013.

And trust Anambra State and the whiff of business opportunities vendors are creating scarcity out and harvesting good money out of the paper which has gone very scarce in Awka, Onitsha ad Nnewi, major urban centres of the state.

But the government in Awka insists on paying. Already about 2.5 million has been spent on newspapers today alone with the news spreading fast and supplies of Thisday being reinforced from Benin,Orlu and Enugu.

Investigation reveals that what Gov Obi does not want the general public to know is contained on Page 16 of the newspaper edition. It is a feature article written by Ojo M Maduekwe and titled: ‘Tragic Consequence of Religiosity Politics’

The paper laid bare all the theories so far advanced as the cause of the stampede experience din Uke, Idemili North Local Government Area which has led to the death of over 60 persons and analysed their veracity with one strong option being the charging of surety personnel on the hostile crowd at the point of exit with gun-shot fired in the air creating a stampede.

The analysis also pointed out the contradictions of many accounts and dismissed the theory of fire coming from a woman frying akara


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