Almost a third of all music, tv and film downloaded in the UK is done so illegally.  Almost 400m files downloaded illegally in the 3 months leading up to september (Although I have to say, how does anyone know exactly how many files are downloaded illegally?  You would have thought that information was quite hard to get hold of)  This figure is a rise of 16% from the preceding quarter.  So if more and more people are illegally downloading files and the government has been cracking down on piracy for however many years – surely it is obvious, it just isnt working.

In my opinion this is because the quality of digital content is getting lower, and the prices are getting higher.  Whereas 30 years ago music could only be made by professionals after paying expensive fee’s for recording studios and get it put out by a record label – since the appearance of myspace, publishing music has become so easy that anyone with a midi keyboard and access to the internet can be the next big thing.  In the real world, things aren’t much better, rather than embracing the current vinyl revival that people are crying out for, the big labels are creating dull, expensive re-issues that would generally only appeal to your dad – who already has the record in the first place!

What people want is high quality content for as little money as possible – the obvious answr to this is subscription services.  Like Netflix has shown, subscription TV is the way forward, their iphone and ipad app has proved highly successful, developers of these services need to focus on making more subscription based ways of streaming media.

The recently release rdio app is a music streaming service, much like spotify where users can subscribe to a monthly fee and have their favourite music streamed to them.

 This subscription based services with app developing in todays world is really the future for music and is showing how the people who claim to know what is right for the music industry the errors of their ways

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