The Coalition of Ghanaians against Electoral Fraud(COGEF)will demonstrate for freedom,?peace and justice. they are planning to go on?a peaceful demonstration on?Friday 16th August,2013?at the No 10 Downing Street(Office of the UK Prime Minister)
The theme for the demonstration-JUSTICE FOR PEACE IN GHANA, will see?members sending a?petition will be presente to the office of the UK Prime Minister,The Rt Honourable David Cameron MP.
There will be speeches by leading members of the Ghanaian community in the UK and special guest Dr Awudu Issaka,Convener of COGEF?Ghana?all the way from Ghana.Special prayers by christian and muslim leaders?wil be said for all members of our country’s judiciary?and for? peace and justice in Ghana.This is to encourage and support the nIne justices sitting on the ongoing petition case.
Elements? and hardliners of the current government since early June??have been? on a campaign of severe intimidation through the use its cadres and revoloutionaries?as well as? the police to ban peaceful protest and assembly and?using?threats? of?civil war if the ruling goes against the incumbent
government and its leader John Dramani Mahama.
COGEF condemns these current threats,intimidation?and attempts to put fear into the judges and also?coerce the people of Ghana into a culture of silence?as unfair and against the will of the Ghanaians, because there can ever be peace without true justice anywhere including Ghana.


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