Ghanaians who intend visiting the UK will not have to pay a ?3,000 ?security bond? as contemplated by the UK Government a few months back.

The security bond was meant to target Ghana and five other countries that were tagged ?high risk? nations by the UK Government.

However, the UK?s Home Office has confirmed, that the policy will not materialise.

The visa bond scheme was announced by Home Secretary Theresa May in June and was set to be introduced this month.

A Home Office spokesman confirmed to the Sunday Times that the policy would be scrapped.

The decision is thought to have been taken after Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg threatened to block it.

The aim of the scheme was to reduce the number of people from some ?high risk? countries ? including Ghana, India, Pakistan, and Nigeria ? staying in the UK once their short-term visas had expired.

Visitors would have paid a ?3,000 cash bond before arrival in the UK ? forfeited if they failed to make the return trip.



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