Now this sounds like a broke record, a soundtrack to the life of many young musicians of our time.  Linda Ikeji reports that 21 year old music star Davido is about to be a father to twin girls in a few months, if claims by 23 year old Sunshine Haye are anything to go by. The UK-based beauty claims she hooked up with Davido during his UK tour in 2013. She is said to be about 4/5 months pregnant.

Linda Ikeji wrote:

After getting the scoop, I contacted Davido?s camp and they denied any knowledge of her allegations. Well you see, this is not the first time popular socialites have claimed to hook up with the musician. In July 2013, a Kenyan socialite Stacey Brianar aka Pendo called a press conference claiming to have had an encounter with the star, the allegations later turned out to be false as Davido never met the star-struck party girl. So, is this now true? Sunshine?s camp swear it is. And have promised to provide proof in due time.


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