Patrick Jumba Lukwago-Mugerwa

Lukwago-Mugerwa had caused a stir within the University of the Free State in South Africa when he disappeared on May 9 for two days.

Julius Peter Moto, the Uganda High Commissioner in South Africa, confirmed the development.

?The boy has been found now after two nights. I just talked to both parents Mr and Mrs Joseph Lukwago-Mugerwa. I also talked to the boy. They were taking breakfast together. The boy sounded confident but tired. Both parents are okay,? he said.

Moto said that Lukwago-Mugerwa will be taken to hospital for check-up by his parents.

?They will take him to a mental hospital for check-up and possible treatment,? he said.

According to a communication alert issued by the University of the Free State, Lukwago-Mugerwa went missing from Bloemfontein Campus on the morning of Saturday, May 9.

Lukwago-Mugerwa is a third-year student pursuing Bachelor of Commerce and Marketing. He is a resident of House Abraham Fischer and a member of the residence committee.

Lukwago-Mugerwa?s brief disappearance had re-ignited debate on the recent xenophobic violence in South Africa ? where foreign blacks living and working in South Africa are targeted.

By David Lumu, The New Vision


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