The Police has on several occasions been faulted for using excessive force while quelling riots.

Addressing journalists at the group’s headquarters in Kampala on Friday, A4C Coordinator and Masaka Municipality MP Mathias Mpuuga said the group intends to meet and engage IPU members on the committees of human rights and democracy.

“We are going to show the world what Ugandan police has been doing; including showcasing a documentary as proof to show those who have been hearing it as rumours,” Mr Mpuuga said.
“If [Kale] Kayihura [police chief] thinks demonstrations are like rhythms, then he is wrong. This week we have lined and set up programmes and we are going to ensure that these challenges are known to the whole world. The true picture of Uganda under Museveni must emerge.”

The IPU is the principal statutory body of parliamentarians around the world that expresses and studies international problems and makes recommendations for action. It is holding its 126th assembly in Uganda at which 5,000 delegates are expected.

Members of the IPU will meet several groups during their week-long meeting. It is not yet known which date they would meet the opposition group. The assembly comes at the time when opposition activists under the A4C grouping are holding several processions against the current regime.

Lt. Gen. Kayihura on Thursday issued guidelines on the planned rally by the opposition at Kololo Independence Ground but said the Force will not allow any demonstrations in any other part of Kampala Metropolitan Area during the IPU assembly.

Kololo has always been ruled out of bounds for protesters on grounds that it is managed by the President’s Office but Gen. Kayihura said he asked for its use on behalf of the opposition.

To avoid what happened in Egypt when protesters converged at Tahrir Square and refused to leave until their demands were meant, police said they will not allow gatherings to stay beyond dusk.

Mark brutality day
Mr Mpuuga also announced that the group will on Tuesday, hold activists to commemorate the International Day Against Police Brutality at Kololo Airstrip. Among the things the A4C will do is showcasing pictures and documentary evidence on how police has brutally killed and beaten opposition supporters across the country.

By Richard Wanambwa, Daily Monitor


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