Mike Mutebi

The decision comes at a time the officials have been faced with players strike and criticism of poor tactics that affect national teams.

Although the umbrella body is yet to be named, the coaches led by SC Villa tactician Mike Mutebi agreed that the body would address issues national football governing body FUFA grading coaches according to qualification, feud among them and set a minimum amount they should be paid the clubs.

The symposium was organised by Dream Sports of Mutebi at Grand Imperial Hotel on Thursday.

The coaches condemned the current players strike as one aimed at failing the clubs but blamed themselves for poor performances of their respective clubs.

“Largely, we have problems with our tactics and that is basically because anybody can coach a Super League team at the moment. This affects national teams we resolved that whereas FUFA does their part we should also watch our tactics,” Express FC coach Sam Ssimbwa noted after the meeting.

Uganda Football Coaches Association chairman Paul Ssali uplauded the coaches’ idea as the way forward for them to improve the game.

FUFA three years ago graded over 300 coaches accross the country according to their qualifications and set standards for national and super league club coaches but the resultant effect of the exercise is yet to be realised.

The symposium was also attended by coaches from URA, Bunamwaya, Simba, Firemasters, KCC, Express, FUFA technical director Asuman Lubowa and Ssali.

Others skipped it after they misinterpreted it as another front to launch a fight against national football governing body FUFA.

By Swalley Kenyi, The New Vision


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