Museveni who is on a campaign trail for the 2016 polls told a rally in the northern Ugandan district of Gulu that four dams would be constructed in the region that is recovering from a two decade long rebellion.

powerHe said the power plants that would generate 2,550 Megawatts (MW) will be built next financial year at Ayago, Uhuru, Kiba and Murchison Falls.

The construction of the additional power stations will further increase the reliable power supply which is a key factor of the economic development.

Uganda currently has about 850MW of power. The government targets to generate 17,000MW of power by 2020.

“Northern Uganda is going to be the center of Uganda. We are going to turn and transform it to be an industrial city hub to accelerate development,” said Museveni.

He said more industries would be constructed in the region thus creating more jobs.

The president who has been in power since 1986 after a five year guerrilla war.

Analysts believe the 2016 polls will be a three-man race between Museveni, Amama Mbabazi, a former premier now in opposition, and Kizza Besigye, who has run against Museveni three times.

The polls are set to be held on Feb. 18, according to the Independent Electoral Commission, the country’s electoral body. Enditem

Source: Xinhua


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