Members of the Unemployed Graduates Association of Ghana (UGAG) have noted that in as much as the President, John Dramani Mahama is embarking on a ‘thank you tour’?across?the country, he will avail himself to the situations on the ground, and get the opportunity to?realise the plight of the teeming unemployed youth in many parts of Ghana. UGAG also stated that the association is not a?bunch of lazy boys and girls as touted by some leaders who do not know what is expected of them.

They however stressed the fact that, they are zealous and willing to succeed. “We shall continue to do things that will remind society that they cannot deny us the opportunity to work for no reason.”

According to the association, its leadership will likewise, be?embarking on a nationwide tour in the next few days, but for a different purpose. ?”The main essence of our tour is to meet and hold deliberations with our members, strategise and mobilise ourselves for our next line of action in the country, which we believe will be a major event to register our displeasure to the current order. It is our plan to touch base in every regional capital and then proceed to the various Districts within it for furtherance of our exertion.”

At a press briefing, the leadership of the Association they noted that UGAG members have been facing serious challenges, indicating that on graduation from the University or Polytechnic, the obvious goal of every graduate is to find a Job and be able to take care of him/her self and also to some extent take care of our families who also begin to look up to us right after the completion of our tertiary education. “On the contrary, when we graduate, we are rather met with an age old situation of joblessness in the country. There is no where to look to when it comes to job seeking. The ?whom you know? mantra has taken shape in almost every organisation and thus makes it very difficult for the average graduate who has no links or connection with people in top positions to get access to jobs.”

The situation, they considered as “bad” considering the extent to which it has given employers the opportunity to exploit the very few who are lucky to find jobs for themselves.

According to the association, in?modern?day Ghana, due to limited job spaces, some University Graduates are paid as low as GHC 100 as monthly salaries, “the employers simply say that if you don?t like it, resign and go look for another job. This is so because they know if you resign, you will remain unemployed and that, someone with the same qualification would be prepared to take a lesser remuneration and do the same job. Unemployed graduates find themselves in such awful situations because of frustration, hunger and utmost negligence on the part of government. We are sure without any shred of doubt that even some of you media men/women gathered here listening to us today, are also victims of this circumstance.”

“Many of the times, when we try to explain our predicaments, people tend to call us lazy. They think we are people who are not willing to do anything good with our lives, thus calling ourselves unemployed graduates. It is so ironical, how anybody expect a fresh graduate, who has no experience, has no credit records and with no property? to be able to access funds from any financial institution and start a new business in a corrupt environment where even common registration of company has to go through various hands which will all demand money.”

Stating some of their engagements with state institutions in regards their plights, they averred that, they are?not asking government to employ everybody in the country, “yet we cannot blame any other body more than the government when it comes to unemployment since we know that the government has a supervisory responsibility to ensure that both public and private institutions are doing the right things to promote development in the country.”

“Politicians, both in office and in opposition have been ceaselessly talking about job creation over the past few decades yet nothing good has come out of it. We are not here to score any political point for any political party, but we would like to state that the National Youth Employment Scheme adopted by both the NDC and the NPP has been piecemeal in its approach. It has been a system that seemingly provides employment to foot soldiers of ruling government, only to be thrown out when there is change of government.”

They however called on President John Mahama and his team and all other political activists and leaders to see job creation as a very important aspect of our economy.

UGAG also indicated that they also see the corrupt state institutions as one of the main stumbling blocks in our quest to become self-sufficient and employed.

“We wish to remind politicians and public administrators that they cannot leave us in this unemployed situation and continue to be their tools for action when they need us. We are an independent association, fighting for the common good of our members and we shall continue to do so until graduate unemployment becomes negligible.”

UGAG is a non-partisan organisation which seeks to promote the well-being of all unemployed graduates in Ghana by bringing our predicament to the door-step of the powers that be, and to ensure that our life and image is given the needed attention. Our association is not merely meant to drum noise about our plight, but we rather seek to highlight the challenges that graduates who are unemployed face and to help find solutions to this big canker called GRADUTE UNEMPLOYEMENT.



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