A blood donation exercise to stock the blood Bank of health facilities in the Cape Coast Metropolis has been organised by the Directorate of Public Affairs of the University of Cape Coast (UCC) and the University Health Services.

The exercise done in collaboration with the Global Wings Travel and Tour Limited and supported by the Students Representative Council (SRC) and the Cape Coast Teaching Hospital (CCTH) generated more than 100 units of blood.

The move was to help get enough blood for the high anaemia cases of expectant mothers and also to support accident victims because the Hospital was the first point of call when there was an accident on the Takoradi-Accra Highway.

Mr Samuel Odua Quarmyne, Blood Organiser at the CCTH, noted that an average of 40 to 60 units of blood was needed on daily basis for life saving purposes, but there was always a shortfall at the Hospital.

He said the CCTH, the only referral health facility in the Central Region supplied blood to all districts and polyclinics and there was the need therefore to get sufficient blood stock for efficient service delivery to patients during emergencies.

He told the GNA that, ideally, one percent of the Ghanaian population must voluntarily donate blood annually to save the lives of children, pregnant women and accident victims.

However, of the 160,000 out of the targeted 28,000 Ghanaians who donated blood Last year, more than half were family replacement which meant that people did not voluntarily donate blood unless their relatives needed it.

According to him, blood donors enjoy benefits such as free screening for hepatitis B and C, sexually transmitted infections, hypertension and anaemia as well as knowing their blood type for easy prescription of medicines and treatment of certain ailments.

He urged institutions, individuals and religious organizations to add blood donation to their activities to help stock the blood banks especially during the lean season such as the end of the year.

Mr Samuel Amoah, Medical Laboratory Scientist at the UCC Hospital, reiterated calls for voluntary donation for emergencies.

Mr Fuseini Sugrinooma, Director of Operations at Global Wings Travel and Tour Limited, said the exercise was to create awareness on the health, moral and social benefits of blood donation and support various blood banks and health facilities within the Cape Coast Metropolis to improve on their stock.



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