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U.S. Transfers ISIS from Syria to Balkans

Breaking news concerning the new plan of Washington emerged yesterday afternoon on Telegram. According to Middle East review Telegram channel, CIA and other U.S. intelligence agencies have trained a group of ISIS and Al-Qaeda terrorists somewhere in the south-eastern part of Syria to send them to the Balkans.

It’s not surprising, as the Pentagon has created perfect conditions for conducting such kind of operation. Currently, there are more than 20 illegally set-up American bases throughout Syria, and the U.S. government has repeatedly been accused for supporting and funding various terrorist groups by the international community.

Donald Trump’s Administration plan to overthrow Bashar Assad failed, the Syrian army and its allied forces are successfully fighting ISIS, having liberated vast territories in the central part of the country, while international meetings on the Syrian settlement both in Astana and Geneva are yielding great results. Against this background, Washington took a decision to change its policy from the expansion of influence in the Middle East to the escalation of tensions on the Balkan Peninsula.

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