A little-known tiny village near the Indian capital has been named after U.S. President Donald Trump.

Marora, the Muslim-dominated village in the northern state of Haryana’s Mewat district and some 80 km from Delhi, was given the name Trump village by a well-known Indian toilet charity, called Sulabh International, to publicize its project to make the village open defecation free.

Sulabh’s founder Bindeshwar Pathak said the move will highlight India’s efforts to improve sanitation at the global level.

There are only 165 families in the village out of which only 20 have toilets in their houses. Sulabh aims to set up toilets free-of-cost at all the remaining houses to make the village fully open defecation free by Oct. 2, 2019, the date set by Modi for making India clean.

Pathak had made the announcement to rename Marora as Trump village at a community event on the outskirts of Washington DC recently.

“I was giving my presentation on sanitation and the idea came to my mind. I made the announcement and it was well-received by people there,” he told the media.

This is not the first time that a village in India has been named after a U.S. president. Daulatpur Nasirabad, another village in Gurgaon on the outskirts of the national capital, was renamed Carterpuri following U.S. President Jimmy Carter’s visit to the place in 1978. Enditem

Source: Xinhua/