In an emotional speech, the governor thanked his supporters and campaign workers, while detailed what the country’s leaders need to do to lessen the hardships that citizens are facing.


“Economic growth gives people an opportunity to realize many of their hopes and dreams in life. And without a job, the family is weaker, the community is weaker, the neighborhood’s weaker, the state suffers and our country struggles,” said Kasich in his home state Ohio.

Meanwhile, he mentioned what he has learned or been inspired from people he encountered during the campaign.

“You know I’ve learned something, folks,” Kasich said, “that we all need to slow down our lives. Slow down our lives and listen to those around us.”

“The people of our country changed me,” he said,”They changed me with the stories of their lives.”

Kasich’s quit followed Texas senator Ted Cruz who dropped out of the race Tuesday night after having finished a distant second in the crucial Indiana primary. Kasich placed last in the contest.

Both of Cruz and Kasich were already “mathematically dead” in the quest for a majority of delegates before the Indiana primary in which their strategy to join forces to deny Trump the nomination was also proved in vain.

Kasich has won just one state during the race so far — his home state of Ohio. He trailed Trump by some 900 delegates.

Source: Xinhua


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