Potato Industry
Potato Industry

U.S. Company TSG Global Holdings has available 200 million U.S. dollars for direct investment in the food and hygiene industry in Angola, Chairman of the company’s Board of Directors Rubar Sandi said on Thursday in Porto Amboim, central Cuanza Sul province in Angola.

“We are ready to start with investments in the food and hygiene sector and we are satisfied with the conditions in the future Industrial Area of Porto Amboim, considering the availability of electricity, sea and river as well as its proximity to Luanda and Benguela,” he said.

“This is an investment with direct funds without the need for sovereign guarantees or investments from the Angolan Government and will leverage the economy,” he stressed.

In a first phase, according to the TSG entrepreneur, the factory complex intends to create 2,000 direct jobs. Enditem


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