The United States on Monday condemned a foiled attack on Somali National Army (SNA) base in Somalia by al-Shabab militants.

The U.S. mission in Somalia commended the Somali security forces who repelled the attack against the military base in Baledogle, Lower Shabelle region.


“The security forces stopped this ultimately failed attack due to their alertness and swift response, not allowing the attackers to breach the outer defensive perimeters of the base,” said the U.S. mission said in a statement issued in Mogadishu.

Balidogle is located about 110km northwest of Mogadishu where U.S. marines offer specialized training to SNA.

“We are thankful that there were no SNA causalities between the multiple attacks,” said the U.S. mission, noting that the attack yet again demonstrates al-Shabab violently opposes progress towards peace and prosperity in Somalia.

The mission expressed Washington’s strong commitment to the people and government of Somalia and to assist collective efforts to degrade terror groups and build a stronger and prosperous Somalia that offers a brighter future for its people.

The al-Qaida allied terrorist group claimed responsibility for the attack on the military base used by the U.S. military supporting SNA.

Meanwhile, there was an explosion in Mogadishu which targeted a convoy belonging to EU military trainers supporting Somali security forces.

Residents said the car laden with explosives detonated at Jaalle Siyad military academy used by the EU advisers to train the Somali security forces. There were no reports on the number of casualties.

Southern regions of Somalia have become the theatre of clashes between Somali forces and al-Shabab after the militants were chased out from the capital in August 2011 by Amisom forces and Somali army. Enditem


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