coty invasion

First class US made tickets Tyvek wrist band have arrived in the country for the much anticipated city invasion concert slated to hit Tamale on the 28th of this month.The CEO of NMJ Nana Michaels Dzikunu  revealed this information at a news conference ahead of the show which will go down in the history of GH entertainment as the most patronized show in Tamale.

?Apart from bringing first class entertainment to the people of Tamale, my outfit is the first to have introduce the Tyvek Tickets system in Tamale, the wrist band which will soon be on sale for the event is water proof and comes in different colours which include neon green, neon
orange as well as blue and white. ?He stated.

He further added that, a significant attribute to this new innovation is the fact that, the Tyvek wrist band is not removable once put on the
wrist making it impossible for anyone to pass it on to another. This he said will ensure that a person is to a ticket as done in most events.

?We however caution the people of tamale not to put on the wrist band until the day of the event. Anyone who does so should know that it can be taken off only after the program. Any attempt to remove the wrist band or transfer to another person before the show will damage the band and subsequently will be denied entry unless a new wrist band is bought?.

It?s simple he added ?is either you put on the band on the day of the  event or keep it on until the event is over that is for those who wear
the bands before the day of the event?.
For the first time, NMJ will be bringing international artist all the way from Nigeria to take part in the northern city invasion. Artist for
the night will include J Martins(Nigeria )Selebobo (Nigeria)and leading the Ghanaian team For the night will be the Dancehall king Shatawale.

The event in Tamale seeks to bring together all three northern regions during this festive season to entertain as well us serve as a platform
for uniting the three regions.


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