Newmarket has a lot of business opportunities to create a rich economy; one such business opportunities would be its limousine service offering. This is an excellent luxury transportation that is affordable today with the many limo service providers in the market.  

Available fleets

It is important for Newmarket limousine service providers to have a sufficient range of limos in order to uphold their limo service offering. Limos are very unique vehicles that come in all types with a lot of interesting features on the inside.

Limos are usually spacious with leather seating that gives the guests great comfort. Limos can be of a sedan structure which is stretched to accommodate more passengers with more offerings on the inside. Limos can also be buses or coaches that can seat 20-50 people.

Limo features

Different limos have different feature offerings to suit the varied events.

A Lincoln Town car limo can accommodate 4 passengers comfortably with its leather seats to take its guests for a smooth ride around town.

The 6-seater Cadillac Escalade limo offers dual climate control with leather seating that is appropriate for in and out of season hiring. There is plenty of luggage space for any medium to long distance travel in and out of Newmarket.

A larger party may want the 10-seater Lincoln Town car limo with a ‘J’-seat configuration for easy conversation and interaction. There are touch screen controls for a full bar and LCD TVs to be operable.

Some customers prefer the 12-passenger Chrysler limo without being too bulky like a limo bus. The classiness of a limo is maintained with the Chrysler limo with a disco glass floor that can change colors; a marble bar and star light mirror on the ceiling makes the Lincoln town car limo very popular for a private party on the go.

Bigger parties such as 14 people may want to consider the Ford Expedition limo which has similar features as the Lincoln town car limo; or another choice is the Lincoln Navigator with 3 LCD TVs and a VIP rear area.

Popular limos

Many Newmarket consumers like to try out the big and imposing 19-seater Hummer limo with knee-to-knee seating and fiber optic lights.

The exterior chrome package with its underbody lights makes the Hummer limo a favorite with the bold, the young and the adventurous.

There is another growing popular Hummer limo that can accommodate 23 passengers. Many young executives like to try out the Hummer limo that sports a sun-roof and mirrored ceilings. There is an air of exuberance when one is seen riding in such a Hummer limo.

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