Malaysia Airlines
Malaysia Airlines

(dpa/GNA) – Two teenage boys who filed a negligence lawsuit against Malaysia Airlines and the Malaysian government over the MH370 tragedy have settled the case for an undisclosed sum, lawyers said Tuesday.

Malaysia Airlines
Malaysia Airlines

Lawyers Arunan Selvaraj and Gary Chong, who represented the two boys, said the amount had been agreed upon by all parties.

“The matter has been settled,” Arunan said.

The father of Jee Kinson, 14, and Jee Kinland, 12, was among the 239 people aboard the flight which disappeared on the way to Beijing.

The plaintiffs claimed that Malaysia Airlines failed to take all due safety measures, resulting in the disappearance of the jetliner on March 8 an hour after it took off from Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

They also argued that the government did not try to establish contact within a reasonable time after MH370 disappeared from radar, and that the immigration department failed in its duties by allowing passengers with fake identities onto the plane.



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