Two boys reported missing for four days have been found dead in a river at the Kings Cottage area near Trassacco Valley. The boys Akwasi Jefferson and Richard Amoako left home Friday morning and were found floating in the river Monday morning.

Incidentally, the boys are cousins. Akwasi Jefferson’s mother, Adwoa Dum who was drenched in tears, said her son went out to play but did not return. According to her, she fruitlessly visited police stations desperately searching for her son but could not find him.

She could not contain her emotions when she saw her son lying face down in the river. Richard Amoako’s mother, Afia Wusuwaa said she was alarmed when Adowa Dum called her late Friday to report that her son could not be found. Afia Wusuwaa said she had hoped her son would return only to find him dead.

Another 12-year old boy in the same house, Nana Kwame who is a relative of the two deceased boys has also gone missing since last Wednesday and has still not been found. Nana Kwame’s mother, Rose Obeng believes the disappearance of the three boys is more than a coincidence but expressed the hope that her son will be found.

Source : Joy news


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