Two people were killed by flash floods following heavy rains in Narok town, about 100 km northwest of Nairobi, for the third time on Friday evening.
wpid-nigeria-floods.jpgThe heavy rains that started around 5.30pm caused deluge that paralyzed transport system along Narok-Mai Mahiu highway and Narok- Sekenani that led to world-famous Maasai Mara Game Reserve.
The National Disaster Management Unit Acting Director Pius Masai Mwachi said on Saturday that a motorbike operator and pedestrian were trying to cross a flooded bridge when they were swept away on Friday night.
“They ignored calls from people not to cross a submerged bridge and powerful floods swept them away to the river,” said Mwachi.
Commuters including tourists were also stranded in Narok town which was a no-go zone. The police car had warned the locals to be careful about the floods after the rains started.
Mwachi said they have retrieved one body and the rescue team are stilling look for the other body. The police urged the locals to exercise caution to avoid calamities by keeping off danger zones as the rains continue to ponder the area and its environs
“We ask the locals to be on the lookout especially flooded areas to avoid causing more catastrophes,” he said.
The first time the floods hit the town was on Tuesday evening where more than 15 people were killed, injured eight, another seven people are still missing.
The powerful floods also destroyed properties worth 1.1 million U.S. dollars and swept away 22 vehicles into Narok River.
The deluge destroyed four vehicles and area residents moved to the safer grounds when they realized that heavy downpour was about to hit the town
Mwachi said the floods have hampered search mission which include National Youth Service (NYS), Kenya Red Cross and Disaster Management team, who are looking for seven missing persons from the flash floods who were washed away on Tuesday. Enditem

Source: Xinhua


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