wpid-thief.jpgBy Zulaihatu Abubakar

Two suspected robbers are helping the Adentan District Police in their investigation into stealing of 4000 bags of cement worth GH?68,000 and GH?47,000 cash.

The suspects, Prince Xoyese Hafianyo, 38, an audit tally officer of a Construction Company and Michael Nyanmadi, 60, Dodowa branch manager on the same company, were arrested at theiroffices after a report has been made by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the company.

Briefing the media at his office, the District Commander, DSP Stephen Kofi Ahiatafu, disclosed that the C.E.O. reported the case in October last year that he travelled to his hometown and upon return, the steel safe in his office containing GH?47,000 was stolen in the branch office at Adentan.

Whiles investigation was on-going, the director said, he again detected that 4000 bags of cement worth GH?68,000 were also stolen.

Prince, been the audit tally officer, was asked to cross-check his documents to determine the missing cement.

He then told the C.E.O. that from last year November to March this year, 4000 bags of cement costing GH?68, 000 were stolen.

DSP Ahiatafu revealed that, although Prince initially denied the crime, he owns in after further interrogations and mentioned Michael as his accomplice.

He then narrated the incident to the police which led to the arrest of Michael on Sunday 2nd of this month.

The police also suspect a foul play in the missing money.

The case has been sent to the circuit court, whiles investigations continue for the missing money.



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