The idea for an app came from an entrepreneurship class Asia and I took together last spring. The original idea was a little different from what we have now, but students really liked the idea when we initially presented it. From the class, we immediately started working towards releasing something great for college students that would revolutionize the way students interacted on campus.

In just a few short days the hottest new college app “Fresh” will be available to download. The app will offer two services: student services and buy/sell/trade. Some of the student services include students who do hair, nails, makeup, photography, tailoring etc. Students would have the opportunity to service other students on campus if they didn’t have transportation to go off campus or money for a professional.


The buy/sell/trade feature is good for students who have old textbooks, clothes, electronics etc. they want to make money from or purchase. As college students ourselves we know what it is like to have the constant battle of trying to make money, go to school, and be involved socially on campus so we thought why not make this easier on students and way more fun. Fresh truly allows students to connect with each other like never before!

The app is ground-breaking in that it promotes professionalism, creativity and collaboration among all students on college campuses. Asia and I wanted to bring back face-to-face communication and establish the importance of students “finding their (x)”.

When students log onto the app it creates an adventurous aesthetic where they can determine what they’re going to find instead of us just laying it out for them. We hope that through Fresh, students have unlimited opportunities to find what they need on their college campus, have the opportunity to foster new relationships, new ideas, new conversations and hopefully make long-lasting friends. The app will be available for download on iOS and Android.

Fresh will also being opening its first office Summer 2018 in Flint, MI. Asia and I will be taking a different route that no one has done before. All of our offices will be in inner cities catering to each of those communities. We feel it is important to properly educate our youth for the real world, so we will be implementing STEM, Nutrition, Physical Education, Self-Awareness programs and more for students K-12.

Those students will come to our offices and have different courses and training to give them the tools to live better lives and be future voices for their community. It is important we use our platform to prepare our future leaders, so we can continue advancing. Make sure to follow on Instagram to stay up-to-date on all things Fresh.


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