It seems there is no end in sight to the rippling effect of Wanlov’s infamous act of showing his manhood to TV Show hostess, Delay. After the controversial reggae singer and radio presenter, Blakk Rasta called Wanlov a disgrace to all Ghanaian men in an interview, Wanlov replied in a separate interview calling Blakk Rasta a fake Rastafarian.

This perhaps set the tone for the feud that ensued on twitter on Thursday when both artists had rather unpalatable words to tweet about each other.  Here are some of the quotes from Blakk Rasta:

“@Blakkrasta does not beef with cokeheaded, skirt-wearing,attention-seeking,bare-footed un-(w)rappers! man bigger than dat! forget it!”

“@Blakkrasta does not need a kubolor,school dropout @wanlov to hit! man big long time b4 dem com walking in barefooted! cokehead!”

Blakk Rasta’s allegation of Wanlov doing cocaine brought Pidgin Music boss, Panji Anoff into the fray: “ RT @panjianoff: @Blakkrasta if U knew anything, u wld know wanlov does not drink, smoke or do cocaine as u R ignorantly & libelously tweetin”

“RT @panjianoff: if @Blakkrasta was a man, he wld apologise & withdraw his false cocaine accusation @wanlov… O! sry, i 4got wht i know…”

“RT @panjianoff: @Blakkrasta please keep telling us lies about yourself but libel @wanlov and i sue you. apologise for the cocaine lie NOW…

15 Mar  FOKN Gypsy Kubolor ? @wanlov”

But it seemed that Wanlov was armed to do battle by himself on twitter as he also tweeted:

“@blakkrasta fool giv me…e say burn babylon, but e hail obama wey obama dems kill ghaddafi…confused mpatoa fake rasta talentless disgrace”

“Bossu I beg advise yor man mek e only talk wot e know else I go mumufy am RT @africandaddy: @panjianoff @wanlov @Blakkrasta ease up gentle..”

“I tell u mek u look up 2 me? RT @vidoralby: @Blakkrasta @wanlov Dont allow any ignorant fan 2 put any …”

“@Blakkrasta tinz I c wey I dey talk…eg yor jon mpatois n yawa shows n obama, ghaddafi, fokn bois, n my d!k ridin…wen u c say I do coke?”

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