Planning your luggage is essential to a successful and enjoyable trip backpacking around the world, if you want to have a stress free time careful packing is a must. Backpacking is the holiday of choice for many people due to the greater flexibility and opportunity to see and experience the world. 

For many would-be travellers the idea of packing your bags and travelling around the world or exploring certain areas of the world can seem scary. People can often get trapped in the rat-race rut of life, paying bills and working to scrape by. There are certain times in your life though when the possibility of going backpacking is a realistic option. If you have a certain element of flexibility to your life, such as not having a mortgage, career plan or young children, then you should go for it as you will not regret your decision. 

One way to help take the pressure off and leave you with only your route to think about is by planning your luggage and packing efficiently.

The following advice can help you make sensible choices when deciding what to take -:

To begin with lay out all of your clothes and look at your items – make one pile for essentials and another for non-essentials then ditch the non-essentials because you really don’t need them. A good tip is to splash out a bit and take good quality clothing, then when travelling, wash them again and again. The idea of wearing the same clothes day in day out may seem difficult however it won’t be when your luggage is easier to carry.

Clothing is bulky; make your choices depending on your travel plans and the climates of the countries you will be visiting. 

Take a couple of t-shirts as you can always ditch them if they get tatty and replace with new ones on your travels. You may want to pack one smarter outfit such as a light dress for ladies and a polo shirt and lightweight shorts for men. Pack one very light cotton, long sleeved top to protect you from the sun or mosquitos if necessary. You will need one lightweight micro fleece to keep you warm at night or while travelling on planes. Five sets of underwear should do the trick along with a tube of travel wash. If you decide to venture to colder climates you can always purchase clothes that are more suitable at the time.

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