Muslim theologian's talk on 'advanced oral sex' turns on social media

Muslim theologian?s talk on ?advanced oral sex? turns on social media

Ali Riza Demircan, a well-known expert on Islam, was hosted by Turkey?s state-run broadcaster TRT late July 10.

Among ?haram? (forbidden) acts that he listed as the reason of the increased number of divorces, Demircan referred to ?advanced oral sex,? as well as ?sadistic sexual acts? and ?anal sex.?

Speaker Pelin ?ift burst into laughs when she confronted with the sudden bombardment of sexual references during the talk on religion which had been progressing somberly by that time.

?You see, Sister Pelin, you had been talking so comfortably. Now you are not able to ask a question,? Demircan told the speaker as she laughed.

?Do you know what my problem is?? the theologian continued. ?For God?s sake, my hodja, what?s your problem?? ?ift answered.

Demircan stressed that Muslims should speak the truth even when it is disturbing, according to Islam.

However, his nuanced reference to oral sex was still turned into a laughing stock on Turkish social media on July 11, after several newspapers reported about it.

?Advanced oral sex sounds like an item in one?s CV,? @derdiyok_toska tweeted.

Another Twitter user, @aytek__, shared a photo of what he described as a tool to get rid of his ?nasty addiction of advanced oral sex.?

Muslim televangalist had set Turkish social media aflame in May after claiming that a man would meet his masturbating hand ?pregnant in the afterlife? and ?asking for its rights.?

Source: Agencies


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