Maame Panyi (right)receiving her prize

Last Friday, the Fire & Ice theme of the Mirror Ball held at the Branche Lounge of the Golden Tulip Hotel brought Accra to a literal standstill between the hours of 10 pm and 4am. 

Clearly, the night was another classic for the memories of old school musical connoisseurs.

As expected, the event was very well patronized with hundreds of discerning guests showing up in their fine tailor-made creations.

The beautiful ladies came sizzling hot in some of the most amazing red outfits that can hug a body while the gentlemen balanced the temperature with their cool white attires.

In line with natural laws, when fire and ice meet a meltdown is inevitable and for some things you just have to be there to experience for yourself.

DJ Blow provided the flow with a marathon barrage of musical goodies that made mature and trendy men and women break out into moves you would have to consult the archives to understand.

By 11pm, the ambience in the lounge had graduated from a cozy serene lounge with the occasional chatter of guests, glasses and plates to a rhythm jungle with hundreds of movers and shakers held in a trance on the dance floor grooving to the sweetest sounds of the golden ages.

The first one hundred guests were treated to a welcome cocktail from Kalahari bitters complete with fine liqueur and fruity garnishes.

Maame Panyin, a beautiful patron of the Tulip Mirror Ball won a dinner for two at Golden Tulip?s famous Friday night Seafood grill for her gorgeous red dress that soothed the senses and won her ?best dressed? lady!

Vodafone will be giving away some surprises on the event?s Facebook group page (Tulip Mirror Ball) for regular patrons of Ghana?s finest party.

Regular guests are encouraged to visit the page for a chance of a reward from Ghana?s premiere and most celebrated telecom operator.

The next event will be held on November 29th and will welcome back the ?Afro-chique? theme which always brings out the best of our fashion.

Indeed if there is any indicator of an African renaissance, your clues will be to watch African fabrics and the manner in which they are making their way into homes all over the world.

With its unique colours, patterns and designs flaunted on runways in the big fashion cities, the next Tulip Mirror Ball is the perfect chance for you to flaunt the cuts and fabric of your favourite local designer.

Advance tickets can be bought at the front desk of the Golden Tulip in Accra.  Admission is GHC 40 and doors open from 10 pm with the fun lasting till dawn.


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