AMATO says the new Lagos traffic law will adversely affect their business and, in turn, the economy

The Association of Maritime Truck Owners, AMATO, on Wednesday, threatened that its members would soon withdraw their services in Lagos, over the new traffic law, should the government fail to meet their demand.

Speaking on the new traffic law, the association?s chairman, Remi Ogungbemi, said the state government must have a meeting with truck owners prior to the enforcement of the law.

He, however, said that efforts to have the crucial meeting had proved abortive, with the state government not ready to meet with them.

?We have been trying to hold a meeting with the state government but they keep on telling us that it is not yet our turn, and that they are attending to people in batches,? he said.

?We know that the ports are the second major source of revenue for the nation and trucks are the movers of the economy. The trucks carry food items, construction materials and a host of other essentials. If we cripple the movement of the trucks, we are in effect crippling the economy.?

It will be recalled that the new traffic law in the state prohibits the movement of trucks within the metropolis between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m., and truck owners have expressed displeasure with the timing of law, which they say might adversely affect their business.

Ogungbemi described the new law as a good policy, but asked that proper infrastructure be put in place before enforcement.

?One of the infrastructures we are expecting is a place that would be designated as a central truck park, such that at the time of the day when the trucks are prohibited from working, the drivers can park the trucks there,? he said.

He also urged the state government to improve on security and ensure the safeguarding of lives of truck drivers and the goods being hauled by the drivers.

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