Sofo Azorka, NDC Northern Regional Chair
Sofo Azorka, NDC Northern Regional Chair

Death they say it’s inevitable, so as the quran says , “every living soul SHALL taste death”. Azorka, I may return to my maker ALLAH subhana wata Allah very early than you but if in case, you return earlier before me, with ur current character, this what I SAADAT NABILA ABLAYI, have to say about you.
There is this famous adage that, “Into the temple of fame, enter through the gate of labour” but in Sofo Azorka’s case, he had his fame through violence, riots and holigalism. Azorka, an astute illeterate who became a school drop out at an early stage in life just because of his inability to obey simple school rules and regulations could not read or write and his attempt to speak english, the listener will have no option than to laugh uncountrollable.
Azorka who vowed in life never to smoke peace pipe with anybody or group of people, was a man who started most of his life at lorry stations and those were the period tamale could record pockets of violence from the UGANDA BOYS in Aboabo lorry park. Azorka and his likes Mac Suala were a household name when it comes to violence and rioting.
Azorka, did not start this violence in the political arena but also in football. His first violence I witnessed was at kaladan park in 1996/1997 then ABC Premier leaque when RTU played host to Dawu Youngsters. This was a day, Dawu out played us(RTU) and during the 78th minute of the match, Asibi a player from Dawu stood almost 27 yards away and played a non -drop which Isaac Zorka a goal keeper of RTU and interestingly a former player of Dawu couldn’t control the ballband it was the only goal of the match. Azorka and few others couldn’t obey simple rules of football but entered the inner parameter to harass the lines men and referee. Interestingly, this referee for the fear of his innocent soul added 20 good minutes of time but the score line couldn’t change.
Again, that same year in the same park, RTU played host to Okwawu united and when the match ended one all, Azorka and his likes entered the inner parameter as usual and this time round, they as well beat the players and technical team of Okwawu, this was a day the police fired indiscriminately and several supporters were wounded but supporters of RTU managed their efforts to over power the police, it took an extra efforts from the 6 garisson of kamina to come and control this situation and GFA deducted 6 points of RTU and also banned the team from playing their 3 matches away from home. AZORKA YOU WILL ALWAYS BE REMEMBERED FOR THIS HOLIGALISM.
During the Star premier leaque in 1998, the performance of RTU was not encouraging so in one of our crucial match with Asante Kotoko, RTU managed to play a goaless draw with kotoko but Azorka refused to understand why Kotoko should pick a point at kaladan. And again this spark another violence this time round not with our opponents but the CEO of RTU then Mr. Murtala, this man had his unfair share of beatings from Azorka and his group. The most funniest violence from Azorka in kaladan which I still remember vividly was when RTU played host to Afienya united in kaladan of which the referee awarded 2 unclear penalties to RTU which Shilla Alhassan missed the first one and Stephen Oduro nicely converted the second one into the net of Afienya United and yet still after the match, Azorka and his group was threathening to beat the referee for reasons best known to him.
Azorka, graduated his recklessness to the political field after the 2002 unfortunate incident in dagbon. He made good use of his violent nature when he throwed his support to the NDC and to a large extent the andani gate. This was the time this man was always praying for any riot in the metropolis. Surprisingly this man was always behind some of this burnings of properties.
Azorka, if I remember vividly had his first national recognition during the Wulensi and Bimbilla bye elections respectively and since then, his so called recognition has sent him far, this man was at Fomena bye election and again in 2005 in Tamale central bye election, even in his stronghold, he taught violence was the panacea to success. Then comes the Asawase, Offinso and all mighty Nkoranza bye elections, this time round, Azorka was now having a contractual agreement with the NDC to melt out violence in any form to their political opponents.
In koforidua, Azorka and his group were there and this was the regretable moments for Prof. Wayo Seini, Obed Asamoah, Biede Ziedieng, Franciase Essiam, and others who had their unfair maltreatment from Azorka and his group.
Akwatia, and Atiwa is still fresh in our minds but the Anyinam and Abomosu riots at Atiwa was one thing I still can’t comprehend.
Azorka, I will not mention Talensi because in the case of Talensi and in the holy month of ramadhan, and exactly the 20th day of ramadhan when others was at the masjid observing their prayers and fasting, you taught it wise to melt pains and agony on others of which you believe was the only act that will grant u heaven.


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