This president is very desperate. I really do not understand why the National Democratic Congress (NDC) apparatchiks.are so optimistic of winning this year?s.general elections. I want to believe they are being misled into thinking we are fools to vote them to continue ?chopping big keke?. The founder himself has come out on several occasions to tell us that the John Mahama-led NDC is corrupt and that they would lose the elections. He continues to call them ?greedy bastards?, and ?old evil dwarfs?.
The former First Lady, Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings has parted ways with the party she and her husband helped to come to power, citing corruption in the government as the main reason why she left the party. She has gone on to register her own political party to contest the 2012 general elections. As at the time of writing this piece, the Iron Lady is traversing the land, campaigning for her Parliamentary Candidates. The die is cast.
Citizen Vigilante Martin Amidu continues with his crusade to expose the government and warns them not to dare him. Since he made that pronouncement, no Jupiter in the John Mahama-led government has
been able to muster courage to dare Martin. As we cruise towards election 2012, the NDC party is so much engulfed in corruption that even the Junior High School (JHS) first year student blinks an eye anytime they see NDC party campaign vehicles blurring their ?zuza? music.
MMDCEs are so corrupt that they no more have the moral right to rein in perceived corrupt civil servants President John Dramani Mahama (Judgment Debt Manager) himself has been accused of corruption by Martin Amidu and all what he could say to defend himself was to tell us in our lean faces to take him to any institution to be investigated for corruption,  knowing very well that we as poor citizens will surely lose if we report him to any investigative body. He
continues to walk tall, asking Ghanaians to let him stay in power for yet another four years. And did I hear him well when he was addressing supporters of the NDC in Zualerigu? That they should vote for a Northerner to become president? Such infantile tribal politics is gone with the wind. If he doesn?t know let me school this transitional president.
Since Ghana attained her independence, Northerners have had their fair share of the presidency. Ghanaians voted for Dr Hilla Limann to become the Executive President of Ghana. For eight years Alhaji Aliu Mahama partnered Ex-President Kufuor to rule this country of 24 million souls. He, President Mahama has been the Vice President of Ghana until Prof. Mills died for him to be sworn in as a transitional president.
Indeed if President Mahama doesn?t know, Dr Limann did set a record as the only presidential candidate who was able to scoop more votes from all the then nine regions of Ghana. The People?s National Party (PNP) and Dr Limann did not have any ?World Bank?. And Limann never played tribal politics like the way John Mahama did at Zualerigu.  Dr Limann won by merit and not through infantile tribal politics. During the run-off in 1979, the people of the Ashanti Region voted for Dr Limann even though their own kinsman, Mr Victor Owusu was a candidate. What is this president trying to tell the people of Ashanti region? That they did a big mistake when they voted for Dr Limann, a Northerner? From what we heard him at the rally, Mr Mahama has sent a clear message to those who are not Northerners to also vote against a Northern candidate like John Mahama. You see, no matter how desperate one is, playing the tribal card is
not the way out. Out of the 10 regions in Ghana, five of them are dominated by Akans. The Central, Eastern, Ashanti, Brong Ahafo, Western regions are Akan speaking people.
Even in the Volta Region, part is occupied by Akans. If we are to go by what the President said and vote along the lines of tribal politics, then I think no Northerner will ever be the President of Ghana since they are in the minority. What if Nana Akufo-Addo also goes around telling people that they should vote for an Akan but not a Northerner because the Akans are in the majority? Women in the North in particular, should not vote for John Mahama because he left them behind to marry Lordina, an Akan from the Brong Ahafo Region. Muslims too should shun him because he bypassed all the fine brains from the North who are Muslims to choose an Akan and his fellow Christian as his running mate. So you see where John Dramani Mahama has found himself after making that unfortunate and reckless comment? Can?t these NDC people hear the sound of the clocks ticking? Tempus fugit Assholes!!! It is sending a message to them that their days are numbered. Indeed, if even it is true that the time has come for a Northerner to become the president of Ghana, then Mr Hassan Ayariga and Dr Abu Sakara are equally good to become the president of Ghana because they are also Northerners but surely not John Mahama who has had his share as the former Vice President and currently the transitional President of Ghana.
If Mr Mahama is telling us that this is the time for a Northerner to be the president of Ghana, then I am afraid he has missed the boat.
Listen to the roll call of elected Heads of State of Ghana and the regions they came from since we had our independence:  Dr Kwame Nkrumah ? Western Region; Professor K.A Busia ? Brong Ahafo region; Dr Hilla Limann ? Upper West Region; Flt. Lt. Jerry John Rawlings ? Volta Region; Mr John Agyekum Kufuor ? Ashanti Region; Professor Atta Mills ? Central Region. And listen to the roll call of Vice Presidents who partnered these elected Heads of State:  Joe Degraft Johnson ? Central Region; Alhaji Aliu Mahama ? Northern Region; John Dramani Mahama, Northern Region; Amissah Arthur ? Central Region; Ekow Nkensen Arkaah ? Central Region. If we stand by this roll call, then it stands to reason that three regions
have not had their fair share of the presidency. Mr Edward Akufo-Addo, the father of Nana Akufo-Addo was just a Ceremonial President when Busia was the Prime Minister because we were practicing the Westminster type of governance and as such, the
ceremonial president was just a decorative one. Nobody from the Upper East and Greater Accra Regions has ever become president or vice president of Ghana. And so for Mr Mahama to tell us that the time has come for a Northerner to become a president is neither here nor there.
All regions, except the Greater Accra, Eastern and Upper East regions have had their share. That is why Nana Akufo-Addo stands tall among all the presidential candidates. What the President said is an insult to the people of Greater Accra, where the seat of government is situated.
Should the Gas also stand up one day and tell us that since independence, no indigene of the area has ever been the president of this country and so they deserve to get one?
Out of desperation the President tried to compare himself to Mr. Barack Obama, the President of the United States of America. No, Mr President, the.difference is very clear. Obama has changed the face.of America to the admiration of the Americans. Our President has turned our country into a mess with people fleeing to seek greener pastures outside the country. Obama?s brother has not defaulted bank loans which have brought the bank virtually on her knees but Ibrahim Mahama, the brother of our President has done so to the Merchant Bank. Obama did not order the payment of dubious Judgment Debts and neither did he charge the state with free Cuban scholarships. In fact, Obama has only one wedded wife with two daughters but our President has one wedded wife with seven children born out of wedlock. Oh, yes, Obama is not a liar, a womanizer, a coward, indecisive, a warmonger and a tribalistic inward-looking president like our President.
Above all, Mr Obama has never played the tribal card even though he is black and needed the votes of black Americans. And so, if the President thinks because the
people of America retained Obama, he too would be retained then he is a dreamer.
The man has simply lost the battle on issues, as he struggles to convince unsuspecting voters. When candidates like Nana Akufo-Addo, and Dr Abu Sakara, as well as Paa Kwesi Nduom are talking about the possibility of a free SHS, all what Mr Mahama can tell us is that it is not possible. Instead of the man also telling us what he would do as far as the issue is concerned, he continues to disturb our ears with the cacophonous noise like ?it is not possible?, ?it is a hoax?, ?they are lying? etc.  The closest that he came on the issue of free SHS was to tell us that his government will build infrastructures before introducing a free SHS. Ah, so we build our sheds before we plant our maize!! When Dr Nkrumah was
introducing free education in the Northern Region,  there was only one school, Tamale Boys Middle School. Today, how many schools do we have in the Northern Region? Stand up and answer me, Mr Transitional President!
When candidate Kufuor told Ghanaians during the 2000 electioneering campaign that he will do away with the killer Cash and Carry health delivery system.introduced by the PNDC regime, candidate Mills went to Wa in the Upper West Region to tell the people there that it would not be possible. Yet, when President Kufuor introduced the National Health Insurance Scheme, Mills shamelessly failed to retract until he died untimely. The NDC waited until 2008 when they wrote in their Manifesto that they would introduce a one-time premium for the NHIS which
eventually became a mirage, a dream gone sour. Similarly, candidate Mills went to the Great Lamptey school in Accra during the 2008 electioneering campaign to tell the students and teachers there that when voted into power, he would add all private.schools to the School Feeding Programme because parents of children in these schools were also Ghanaians and paid taxes so their wards deserved to be part of the programme. Today, the programme is rather gradually dying like the NHIS.  Good Lord, these pathological liars!!!

 By Eric Bawah



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