The men need as much grooming as the women, bushy hairs makes a man look un-kept and unattractive.

For men, haircut options are just as limitless as the women but we would focus on the most popular of them all which is the Fade haircut.

The fade haircut is one of the most flattering style that involves any type of haircut , this type of cut is usually short near the neck but gets longer close to the top of the head.

The fade haircut gives a fantastic and fresh feel which no other haircut can achieve, there is an offer of different lengths and widths for the hair on top.

The fade haircut is not only for men, they look great on younger boys, kids and old men, the trick is to find out what fade hairstyle suits you best, try out several options before you get a signature style you can work with. There are several fade haircuts, here are some of them:

Fade with 360 Waves

The thick goaty shows the contrast of this fade with 360 waves, this look is perfect and would certainly blend into any environment, business environment included. This haircuts brings attention to the lower part of the face.

Wave Fade

This look is absolutely a creative style, its quite unique because there are only a handful of men that are able to maintain this look. Usually the hair is grown out for months before you can achieve this look.

Fade with Natural Twist

Natural hair looks good whichever way, it doesn?t have to be voluminous or full. This look is a fun laid back style, the natural hair is twisted into little dreads.

Retro Fade

This fade style is one of the earliest style, a lot of men rocked it back in the days. This look still rocks and you can decide to try it once again.

Mohawk Fade

Curly hair looks great with fade, here the fades appear at the top of the head and ends just behind the ear, this look is unpretentious and super sexy


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