The Tanzania Red Cross Society (TRCS) has spent 144.7m/- on helping Dar es Salaam flood victims resettle in Mabwepande area, Dar es Salaam.

TRCS secretary-general Adam Kimbisa

Speaking to TRCS workers and volunteers in Dar es Salaam at the weekend, TRCS secretary-general Adam Kimbisa said the society had done a lot to ensure the victims were sheltered in the area.

“The money caters for all expenses from the first phase from January 6-February 20. Different have been provided by TRCS to ensure the victims resettle and continue with their daily life,” said Kimbisa.

Kimbisa noted that they had completed the construction of 556 transitory shelters worth 127.88m/-, whereas TRCS contributed 91m/- and the government 36m/-, one tent costing 230,000/-. “We have also completed the construction of 87 toilets and 57 bathrooms worth 7.7m/-,” he noted.

He promised TRCS would continue helping all flood victims with their families in the area to have buckets, blankets, mosquito nets, cooking pots, soap and ensure they were educated about hygiene.

He thanked 53 volunteers, who had sacrificed their time to work with TRCS since they started constructing the transitory shelters.

“You have so far done a great job since the first day until today…TRCS recognizes your work and appreciates your efforts,” stressed Kimbisa.

He called upon the government to maintain its disaster management department to build a team that would always be ready to combat any disaster and not just wait help from stakeholders.

“I urge the government to ensure valleys and lowlands are uninhabited,” he explained.

By DAVID KISANGA, The Guardian


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