Osaka, situated on the main island of Honshu, is a thriving economic and commercial center of Japan having several opportunities for investors to invest their money. Filled with traditional Buddhist shrines, historical museums and castles, it’s renowned for its display of traditional Japanese culture. Even though the city is not as bustling as Tokyo, tourists booking flights to Osaka will still be mesmerized by its scenic beauty and countless attractions. It’s also an ecstasy for authentic Japanese cuisine. The climate here is humid subtropical type and thus the best time to visit would be the spring season during months of April and May.

Osaka was a former capital of Japan and thus has a rich history and culture associated to it. There are several old castles and monuments which speak of its past glory.

An Osaka destination guide will let you explore the various traditional temples scattered across the city. The Shitennoji Buddhist temple which is around 1,300 years old, is a must visit for all travelers who avail cheap flights to Osaka. It is a site that has hardly undergone any renovations since the time it was built so as to maintain its heritage. The Sumiyoshi Taisha is another sacred shrine that has its history dating back to the early 19th century. Such structures are not only architectural wonders but also places of immense beauty that lend tranquility to the atmosphere to relax your souls. If you love visiting museums, then you must drop by at ones like The Osaka Science Museum, Tsutenkaku Museum, Open Air Museum of Old Farmhouses, Osaka Museum of History and The Maritime Museum.

This metropolis also offers a great deal of exciting activities to indulge in.

You can enjoy yourself at the Bay area which features the vibrant Kaiyukan aquarium. It is one of the world’s largest aquariums that house several marine animals such as sharks, dolphins etc. It’s a delight to watch them from such close proximity especially for kids. Tourists securing Osaka flights must not miss out on the giant Ferris wheel ride. It offers an excellent view of the entire area and provides an opportunity to see as far away as Mt. Ikoma, Mt. Rokko, Akashi Kaikyo Bridge as well as the Kansai International Airport. For travelers seekinh for some tropical beauty, one can head to the Nishikinohama Beach Park which displays spectacular beauty amidst white sands and green pines. One can even enjoy adventurous acts like swimming, windsurfing etc. amidst the natural beauty.

Osaka was once referred to as the nation’s kitchen as it was the center for trading rice. It has still lived up to its name due to the abundant restaurants and eateries which serve fresh food of high quality at affordable rates to its customers. One can find a variety of cuisines ranging from local Oriental to contemporary continental ones which boast of Japan’s eat until you drop culture. People who book flights to Osaka will also be amazed by the abundant shopping opportunities that this city has to offer. The Shopping Place is one lively arena where you can stack your bags with all kinds of apparels, accessories and souvenirs. The Shinsaibashi area is another haven for shoppers where they can find high end luxury goods. Thus there are plenty of activities to indulge in other that sightseeing while on your journey to this land of oriental extravaganza.

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