Whether you are planning for a holiday vacation or honeymoon, Phuket and Bali are great options. These are amazing islands with a touch of Thai. Both the places help you unwind and create pleasant travel experiences, offering cheap Bali accommodations and cheap Phuket hotels.

For those who love water & beaches, Bali is excellent. The place is known for strikingly beautiful locations, water sports and Thai food. All these assist you enjoy your stay and spend a luxurious time out there. Several resorts in the city offer numerous villas for the visitors as well as honeymoon couples. Indeed, these are fabulous places to enjoy seclusion in a special way. You can even indulge in various water based activities such as swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving and sauna at the beach. So use cheap Bali accommodation to enjoy all these without spending much money.

As you spend less, you can better plan your stay for more fun and shopping in the duty free port.

Also, get to feel high tides and starlit nights at a one of the cheap Phuket hotels. It give you a chance to wake up with the rising sun to enjoy a bath in the seawater and go out to explore more new places that this beautiful Island promises. The cheap Phuket hotels offer you the best Chinese and Thai cuisine. You can also extend your visit planning a tour in the neighboring Islands.

Phuket and Bali have their own international airports that make your travel less taxing & more pleasurable. The scenic beauty of these places will surely entertain you and your partner.

These two islands had have attracted many travelers around the world. You get numerous tour & travel packages for these places online. These packages include everything you need to make your visit successful.  If you are looking for really cool holiday destinations then travel to these places. These are incredible options for holiday breaks. So surf the internet now for getting an idea on major attractions, restaurants, hotels and nightlife in these places.

Travelsmoove offers exclusive travel tips to make your trip to Bali and Phuket easy and affordable. It also offers other destinations that are as popular as them. All the places included in the packages are worth viewing. It plans your travel and offers full value for your money. It is one stop solution for your travel needs online. So, check this online for more restful and rejuvenating vacation ideas anytime.

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