Central America is a band, or in simple terms a piece of land, that unites two particular continents, namely South and North America. It comprises of 7 nations- They are Guatemala, Belize, Panama Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Costa Rica. Other than Belize, Spanish citizens had occupied the remaining areas during early 1500s. The Spanish built a colonial empire over there until they were ousted in the war of independence that occurred in the year 1821. Moreover, Central America politically united after struggle of independence, which earlier labor efforts had failed.

Geographically, Central America houses plenty of active and dormant volcanoes. This has great significance in influencing the culinary skills of the locals and the cuisine. It is so because the volcanic eruptions have filled soil of this continent with minerals and nutrients. These minerals have created the most biodiversity rich areas of the globe.

It is home of making the best coffee amongst many nations. Coffee production is very prevalent in most parts of the sub-continent.

Costa Rica is amongst the best travel destinations that are preferred by tourists in every part of the world. Costa Rica has been parted in seven provinces. Guanacaste Province has been visited the most and its popularity has only risen. It is situated in North West portion of the country with its seacoast adjacent to Pacific Ocean. It’s neighboring provinces are- Puntarenas and Alajuela. In the northern portions, it shares borders with a country named Nicaragua. Guanacaste has a blend of all sites and places that make travelling worthwhile. There are beautiful waterfalls, exotic beaches and volcanoes, all in one province itself. Guanacaste Province’s capital city is Liberia and it has the only international airport in Costa Rica besides the San Jose airport. One reason of the place being so popular among people from foreign countries is that the weather of this place is very dry, hot and there is lot of sun on most of the days.

Once people only indulged in only in fishing in this village, Tamarindo has transformed to an area, which today is completely developed and reachable tourist place. It is situated on central western coast of Nicoya Peninsula. The town of Tamarindo offers tourists from all financial backgrounds to experience this region’s exotic and untouched beaches and magnificent biodiversity. This is best experienced in vacation home rentals as it expands the fun. The vacation rentals are full of surprises. In spite of the ongoing rectification and construction work, this town still keeps alive the old feelings and vibes of the laidback and old-fashioned town, which has now become characteristic of this region.

Tamarindo is separated from Playa Grande by the Río Matapalo, which is an uninspiring plantation of seashore filled with pebble-rock; an exception is the coming of several tide pools, which are bared open during low tides.  However, people love to surf along this place as they find it ideal even if they are amateurs. Many international surfing championships are held here, which is proof that shows how good the competition gets due to good quality of surfs. Visitors who wish to seek luxurious accommodations have the option of going to Playa Langosta, which is a scenic beach close to Río San Francisco.

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