True said, “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy”. None of us can dare to bond his life to work; no one likes to abide Hippocratic Oath throughout his life. Even birds go on vacation, after pecking in a particular season their exodus to other country is for sure. The same is in case of human, but we cannot just fly away, we need to take certain precaution before we touch any other land besides our motherland. There is nothing racial in this, it is just that prevent and prepare is always better than repent and repair. Through this article, I want to highlight few very important things that I learnt from a discussion held between Sam (my manager) travelling to India and an expert from a Travel Clinic NYC.


I am travelling to India for a business deal, and here is my travel itinerary and precisely my route of travelling will be Delhi – Kanpur –Delhi.

So, just wondering if you can suggest me what medical precautionary step I must consider before leaving United States and do I require shots for diseases like Yellow Jack or Malaria? Please, guide me, I don’t know whether I am anxious or excited; it is kind a mixed emotions.

Travel Clinic NYC expert:

Well, good that you travelled us before you travelled India. Like other developing nations, India is also prone to many health diseases.

Let us start with your first stay, which your itinerary says is Delhi

This place is lying on your front for malaria and for sure you need prophylactic medication for that, which will be given to you once we finish. Besides that you got to protect yourself from mosquito stings and for that we recommend you to wear full sleeves shirts and wear long pants, when you are out. By the time you reach there, it will be summer and India’ summer is extremely opposite from the one we have here. So, do not forget to pack some sunscreens and your shades.

Then comes your second destination i.e. Kanpur; a place of which water is polluted, as per our database. Another issue that seeks attention at this place is diarrhea. So, you need to either boil the water before you drink it or buy Mineral water cases as soon as you land. You are not suppose to take risk of even brushing your teeth with that polluted water; you must not take any milk or diary product and do not dare to use ice cubes.

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