A 19-year-old New York University student is recovering after being stuck in a two-foot gap between an NYR dorm and a garage.

Vongtau was conscious and talking to fire fighters as he was being wheeled away to an ambulance. For almost two days, the NYU student was trapped between a parking garage and an 18 story apartment building. The area where Vogntau was found is a space between two walls only two feet wide.

Firefighters had to break through a cinderblock wall in the parking garage to reach Vogntau. The rescue information lasted an hour and a half and not a moment too soon for Vogntau.

Vogntau disappeared early Saturday morning. Someone pulled the fire alarm in his NYU apartment building. Friends said when everyone was leaving the apt building, they noticed Vogntau running back in and that was the last time he was seen.

His friends got worried after he was a no call, no show. They went door to door asking people. They also say they tried to file a missing person’s report with police, but were told Vogntau had to be missing for at least 72 hours. Finally they suggested NYU security check the roof of the building. They looked over the edge and saw Vogntau wedged between two walls.

It’s believed Vongtau may have fallen through a 5th floor window, but for now it’s just a theory in a bizarre accident that left an NYU student in a precarious position for nearly two days in the cold.

Source: 247Naijagossip


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