Transparency International has dismissed reports it reached a conclusion of the Ghana FA being a corrupt organization in its recent research.

The reputation of the GFA took a massive hit earlier this week with reports it has been cited as a corrupt organization in the latest study of the global anti-corruption.

Transparency International scored the GFA zero in the areas of financial accounts, organizational statutes, annual activity report and code of ethics in the Football Governance League Table in a study which involved 209 football federations around the world.

This revelation was however interpreted widely in sections of the Ghanaian media as a damning conclusion on the credibility of the Ghana FA.

But the international body in an attempt to clarify its position on its latest work, insists it did not reach a conclusion of the GFA being corrupt.

“I don’t think you can take this information and conclude that an organization is corrupt,” Rapid Response Manager of Transparency International Deborah Unger said.

“Our point is that having such information available will reduce risks of corruption and the fact that you don’t have it doesn’t mean you are corrupt.”

Several Ghana FA officials have criticized the work of Transparency International as lacking accuracy and filled with several inconsistencies.

The body for instance took into account the availability of certain information on the websites of the federations involved to reach its conclusion.

But the GFA say the lack of some of these information on their website for instance does not mean the organization is corrupt especially as they meet all obligations required of it by the company code of Ghana to have its account audited.


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