GNAT is the biggest public sector union in the country, and her mission and visions are collectively achieved through the efforts putten into doing hard work.

In her speech delivered at the Kumasi Metro’s 5th quadrennial Delegates Conference held at the GNAT Hall on 12th April, 2017, the acting national president of GNAT, Mrs. Philippa Lawson said, teaches are wonderful people whose contributions towards national development cannot be over emphasized.

Saying that, the teacher at all times influences the lives of people positively. ” Our job cuts across all facets of life, for the dedication and meritorious services we render in and outside the classroom, I say AYEKOO to all teachers for your tireless efforts in making the country what it is and what it will be in the future.”

According to Mrs. Lawson, the association does not take unilateral decisions. Decision making starts at the grassroot level which is the basic unit through all the levels. And said since the delegates are representing their various districts, they would be able to come out with the best resolutions that will benefit all teachers.

The theme for the conference, “Transforming Society Through Education : The Role Of The Teacher Towards Agenda 2030”, is appropriate. “The world is changing at a very fast pace and therefore, there is the need for us to change our way of doing things and for that matter, teaching. Bearing in mind that, we are the pivot around which transformation and development revolves.

That is why GNAT is an association prioritizing the professional developments of its members. Even though, it’s the duty of the Ghana Education Service to retrain teachers to sharpen our skills, GNAT in collaboration with Canadian Teachers Federation, organises workshops for it’s members in three regions across the country for free. And this year the GNAT/CTF program will be organized in Accra, Central and Western regions.” Mrs. Lawson noted.

Hinting on the role of the teacher towards agenda 2030, she outlined the following;
* There is the need for them to adapt to change and be ready accept new views, methods and techniques, move away from traditional waysof doing things and use scientific methods.

* The teacher should be a facilitator and not a lecturer.

* Should have in depth knowledge on the learners and how fast they are growing in terms of technology.

* Teacher must be curious in acquiring professional knowledge of education framework and curriculum learners, identify gaps in knowledge and go beyond textbooks.

* Exhibit professional attitudes and values, knowing very well that, they are role models for the children and to name a few.

She continued that, their major pressing concerns as teachers, are the issues of validations of their promotions, Tier two pension, Souvenirs and salaries. But their officer have met her for a lengthy discussion and the details will be made known to the national council in order to address all their concerns.

Present at the gathering was the former regional director of education, Mr. J. K Onyinah, to grace the occasion.

By : Sammy Adjei/