A car accident in Ethiopia’s Southern regional state has killed five people, a ,regional official said on Sunday.

The accident happened on Saturday evening when a passenger minibus traveling on the road collided with a bus traveling on the opposite side of the road killing five and injuring 27 others, said Mengistu Gebregzabher, Chief Police Inspector, Gimbi distrct, Kaffa zone, Southern regional state, according to state media Ethiopia News Agency.

“Two of the injured have been discharged after receiving first aid medical treatment while 25 others have been referred to nearby health stations to treat their severe injuries,” he said.

Gebregzabher further said the Police have determined both cars were traveling beyond the speed limit of the area when they collided with each other. The accident left both vehicles destroyed.

Despite having one of the lowest per capita car ownership in the world, deadly traffic accidents in Ethiopia are common with blames put on bad roads, flawed driving license issuance system and lax enforcement of road safety.

Traffic accidents during the Ethiopian Fiscal Year 2016/17 that ended on July 8 have led to the deaths of 4,500 people, according to Ethiopia Federal Transport Authority. Enditem


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