Set up task force to ensure compliance with SON standards

The Lagos State Branch of the Electrical Dealers Association of Nigeria (EDAN), at the Alaba International Market, on Tuesday, vowed to stop the sale of sub-standard goods at the market.

Chijioke Okenwa, the association chairman, said the decision was taken in line with the Standards Organisation of Nigeria’s (SON) ban on the importation of sub-standard goods into the country.

The Public Relations Officer of the association, Felix Akpunonu, speaking on behalf of Okenwa, said the ban was aimed at promoting sale of quality cables and other related products at the market.

According to him, the influx of sub-standard goods into the country was alarming and there was need for drastic action to tackle the problem.

?For instance, some iron cables are sub-standard by the ratings of SON and so the union has placed a ban on their sale in the market,? he said.

He warned that any trader caught selling or off-loading sub-standard iron cables would be severely punished, while the goods would be confiscated and burnt.

Akpunonu said that the union had put in place a machinery to enforce the ban, noting that an adulteration committee had been set up to visit shops to confiscate sub-standard goods.

A member of the association?s task force, Ifeanyi Otu, said the committee had confiscated a large consignment of sub-standard coils of iron cables, adding that the activities of traders in the market were being monitored by the task force.

He said the ban on sale of sub-standard goods was not limited to only cables, adding that the fight against sale of all sub-standard goods must be won.

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