The Chiefs, and people of Yilo Krobo Traditional Area have debunked allegations of chaotic situations in the area towards the celebration of the 25th Kloyosikplemi festival.

A visit to Somanya indicated that the atmosphere was calm as the townsfolk awaited the release of ban on the festival to pave way for the continuation of activities lined out for the festival.

In an interview with some traders in the Somanya market revealed that the festival had started on a good note with the “Kings Praise”, held from November 2-4.

Mrs Doris Mamle Tackie, a vegetable seller in the market said: “there is peace in the community, we successfully held the King’s Praise last 2 weeks, and there has not been any chaotic situation. I repeat that there is no conflict in town”.

She called for the festival to be celebrated because these were times the market women usually sold to make some profit saying: “If the festival is withheld as we are hearing, it will negatively affect my investment, made towards the festival with regards to the wares I have purchased”.

Mr Andrews Teye Nyade, a Yam Seller in the market said: “Hitherto, the festival was celebrated in a period of one week but it has been spread for a month and we very happy about that.

“I had to purchase lots of Yam, just in wait for the festival and so any attempt to ban the festival will damage my business entirely,” he said.

He pleaded with the authorities and all stakeholders to ensure that this year’s Kloyosikplime festival was celebrated saying, “there is peace in town and we are not fighting ourselves as purported.”

Madam Mary Asumeng, a vegetable and spices seller said: “I have gone for a loan facility to increase my goods and hence banning the festival would negatively affect me”.

She also afirmed that there was no conflict in the township and that Somanya has been peaceful since the commencement of the Festival with the King’s Praise.

Mr Issah Iddrisu, a butcher in the market square said he had gone for a loan to purchase more animals to supply celebrants of the festival and hence any attempt to thwart the celebration would affect him and his entire family.

He said: “I was surprised to have heard that a ban has been placed on the festival, which had started on a good note because I have started selling some of the meat to the people”.

Madam Mamuna Morrow, a Bar Operator in the Somanya Township said there has been peace since the commencement of the celebration, no sign of conflict has ensued, and so hearing that a ban had been placed on the festival came as a big surprise to her.

She pleaded with all stakeholders to resolve and facilitate the smooth celebration of the festival as they were prepared with absolute peace, saying, “I have invested chunk of loan facility into my business and stopping the festival can collapse my business”.

A visit to the palace of Nene Okpleme Nuer Anobaa Sasraku II, the Konor (Paramount Chief) of Yilo Klo State revealed that all the six Divisional Chiefs of the Traditional area were anxiously waiting for a final decision to lift the ban placed on the festival by the Regional Security Council (REGSEC).

In the presence and agreement of the six Divisional Chiefs of the Yilo Klo Paramountcy, the Konor called on the Regional Security Council to amend the decision to restrain the people from celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Kloyosikplemi.

Nene Okpleme Nuer Anobaa Sasraku II said the “King’s Praise” were held in the nights and without the presence of any Security Officer but there were no casualties, affirming the peaceful coexistence of the people.

He said the REGSEC’s decision to place a ban of the festival was not a good one for the community because the people were being denied of good heritage of the Yilo Klo State by celebrating this year’s festival.

He called on all people of the Yilo Klo State to remain calm as issues were being resolved to pave way for the continuation of this year’s festival.

The Divisional Chiefs present at the palace as at the time of visit were Nene Nani Azah VI, the Chief of Nyeweh Division, Nene Aklo Sackey II, the Chief of Ogomey Division, Nene Narh Ogbordjor Agbo III, the Chief of Bunase Division.

Others were Nene Anete Agor VIII of the Okpeh Division, Nene Tetteh Agblezee III of the Plau Division and Asafoatse Ngua Obeney, who represented Nene Obene Agbodjalu IV of Bornya Division.

Other Sub Chiefs of the Yilo Krobo Paramountcy present at the palace, as at time of visit were Asafoatse Wetse Obieku II, Asafoatse Madjan II, Asafoatse Dedu II, Asafoatse Tei Abordo II and Asafoatse Teye Nanor.

Efforts to get comments from the Municipal Chief Executive of the area and the District Commander of Police Service was unsuccessful.

The 2017 edition of the Festival was launched on October 10 after the court gave the go-ahead to the Yilo State to organise the festival.

It was hence launched on the theme: “Unity in Diversity for Development”, and was planned to start from November 1 through to November 30, this year.

Some of the activities lined up for the month included; the King’s Praise Crusade, School quiz competitions, debates, aged day (health screening), royal work, cooking competitions, football gala, clean-up exercise and the Grand Durbar.


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