The authorities should, therefore, find ways of directing the rain water into appropriate receptacles or destinations to save the city from flooding during the rainy season.

Mrs Esther Asamoah – Williams, a cloth dealer, said because the Government was the biggest authority with all the technology and the technocrats at its disposal, “It should explore the options to deal with the rain water once and for all”.

Mrs Asamoah – Williams, who was speaking to the Ghana News Agency (GNA) in an interview on Tuesday, said as traders, they could do very little about the flooding, which disturbed the activities not only at the market but also other areas.

The Government should, therefore, rise up and solve the issue.

The GNA was interacting with the traders to find out about their preparations towards this year’s rains to prevent the kind of disaster the hit Accra on June 3, 2015.

The Kaneshie Market area was one of the worst affected places during floods, in which more than 100 people were killed in several parts of Accra. Property valued at millions of Ghana cedis were also destroyed.

Mrs Asamoah Williams recounted the tragedy that hit the market on the fateful night and said most of the traders who were affected, especially, by the 2015 June 3 flood, said the City had put measures in place to safeguard their wares, including raising platforms to store their goods.

“We also make sure that we cover all items on sale with plastic bags to stop the items from getting wet,” she said.

She said most of her colleagues had also raised the walls at the entrance to their shops to prevent the rainwater from getting in their shops.

Mr Yaw Boakye, a paint seller, said he had also constructed shelves to secure his wares from being destroyed by future floods.

Mr Francis Asumadu, a dealer in her herbal medicines, said with his colleagues he had reorganised their shelves to keep their medicines intact and expressed the hope that the water would not affect them badly as it happened last year.

A close observation by the GNA revealed that most of the traders had indeed raised the walls of the entrance to their shops, but others had done nothing about it.

Some of the traders expressed their concerns to the GNA that they did not know what to do in the circumstances.

However, other traders who spoke to the GNA, including Madam Cynthia Larkai, said he had not seen the city authorities doing anything concrete to avert any flooding should it happen again this year.



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